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Two Bi-Polar Days

Two Bi-Polar Days
The Bainbridge Ferry Departs Seattle as the day is ending.

Here's a two-day snapshot of a self-employed journey! Two days that are truly polar opposites of each other...thus the word in the article title "Bi-Polar".  

Yesterday my wife, Tiffany, and I forced ourselves to get away together for a day trip. The destination ended up being a very welcoming & enjoyable tour of Vashon Island.

And today was totally on the opposite end of the spectrum...it was spent from "dawn to dusk" working hard by serving four separate traveling parties. Specifically by transporting them to their destinations via a Honda Odyssey, through my growing small business Freedom Runners. A few days that are leaving me feeling all sorts of wonderful.

I'm feeling peace, joy & satisfaction in significantly abundant levels!

Two days of focus...one on recreating & connecting with my life partner. The second totally focused on working "in the business" of Freedom Runners.

I would have to admit, focus feels good.

Let me think about a few benefits of focus...

  1. It allows for genuine progress, and it might be able to bring something (like a project) to completion.
  2. It forces everything else but what is getting focused on to the back burner.
  3. Whatever is being focused on, all of a sudden becomes something that can be accomplished.
  4. The Mind, body and emotions all say "thank you" in this mode.

Though focus is brutal as it requires saying no to EVERYTHING else that is screaming for attention...in the end, focus is such a beautiful thing...and it seems my soul needs more of this ingredient.

Now the question remains...how can I foster increased levels of focus in my life? What baby steps can I take in regards to this? I think maybe pro-active calendaring might be the baby-step perfectly sized.