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Cold Beverage Anyone?

Cold Beverage Anyone?
Photo by Sandrene Zhang / Unsplash

I recently acquired a quality 12v powered fridge for my flagship vehicle.  We were in the middle of a "Northwest Heatwave” and it seemed obvious to me that providing a nice cold water would be a nice addition to my customers experience.

A great article dialed me into my mobile fridge options.  I had been thinking it might be a $70 to $100 expense.  However this article made it plain that if you wanted something that would last and get beverages to a “refreshing” temperature, you were looking at more like $300.

So I identified a suitable model on Amazon.  It was listed with Amazon’s “free returns” feature. So with what appeared to be zero risk in trying it out, I made the order.

It arrived quite quickly and to my great delight, found it fit very snugly in the bak of my Odyssey and in perfect fashion.  I’m able to put down the larger side of the back seat to handle luggage all while letting the fridge “breath” through it’s exhaust ports.

And one of the things you get when you purchase a nicer fridge is one that attempts to not drain out your car battery…the one you depend on to start your vehicle.   This has not been very significant to me as of yet as all of my 12v plug-ins are on only when the engine is running.  However, I do plan to change that…and have my mechanic on notice to help me out with that.

I have found it to be very effective at chilling beverages and plenty spacious for my purposes.  It seems to hold about 12-20 average sized beverage bottles.

All in all, so far, so good in regards to the product.  And I must admit, I found the owners manual to be very helpful and usable.  So kudos to the company for doing well on that point.

In my next article I’m looking forward to talking about actually using the beverage cooler in serving my customers.

Until then, thanks for reading!

Best, Stephen